NEWS no Chumu Chumu - Single, PV & Making Of

Hey there~

Today, I'm sharing the rip of my Chumu Chumu copy I got today. It is the Limited Edition Type A.

Of course, some rules that all of you should already know :)
1. Do not share nor re-upload these songs/videos
2. Do not share the download links nor the keys outside this entry.
3. Do not visibly link back to this entry. You can however send the link by PM.
4. You can freely use it to sub. I would however be happy to know it beforehand :)
5. Comments are welcome !

I am NOT planning to keep it open to public until the end of time.
So you should download it as soon as you can.

Awe ♥ Massu ~ I'm totally in love with his smile~
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I was really surprised by the PV and I really like it. I love how they used the members' color and how each of them as equal screen time.
I also like the "dancing" solo part, for once it's not a simple lipsync ♥ Anyway! I liked it ! I'm growing fond of this song~

Enjoy ! And of course, comments are welcomed !
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♪ Introduction!

Hi! Welcome here! And nice to meet you ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

First of all, let me introduce myself and my Livejournal account~ You can call me Kiku! I'm an Indonesian JE fangirl who got interested in Hey! Say! JUMP and SixTONES since 2020, and lately being an addict with Jjr. group names 美少年 ( Bishonen ), I also enjoying HiHi Jets lately, and wants to know more about them!!!

Ichiban? ofc I have one :D (*one from each group LOL ) there's Hikappo, Juttan, and Naakun, ok now it's kinda confused why'd my ichi are the rap role in their group, but welp, I like rap :D it's kinda cool, but it's not the only reason why'd I like them, maybe it's because their character or something??? But yeah anyway I like them :D

Hmmm, then, I like to drawing, that's my hoby, I did it everyday, but I rarely post it, I also like to do rap (*not that serious, I just memorized each part from the song I liked )( •̀ ω •́ )✧

I'd like to share those of my treasures here! Since we know that JE going so strict with the rules, but it can't be helped :) so all we can do is just diving on internet like this (ノへ ̄、)

I will share my treasures here with you all! But ofc, there's some of the things you need to note, or can I say, of course, there's a rules ε=( o`ω′)ノ

I'll make this going so simple:

  • Please, I'm begging on you, at least put some comment on this entry :"3 would you? If you already have your introduce on your LJ, just tell me on comment, I'd like to read it :D

  • Sometime, I'll add you back in soon if we're already know each other (*via twitter, groupchat, etc. ), but sometime, I couldn't detect that it's someone who've follow me on twitter, I'd like to know about you, let's be a friend :"3

  • And the last is, please use all of my posts only for personal consuming, which mean, do not re-upload the link for download, or the full content itself, if you want's to share the cuts, I think it's OK, but if you sharing the cuts by cuts until it's going to be a full one, then it's NG :(

Oof, maybe that's all~ Also you can keep tracking the content I share in here. Thanks for your attention and thanks for coming here :3

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